Over the past two decades, the food additive industry has reached phenomenal growth. In 1994, the DSHEA law was passed. This new regulatory structure for dietary supplements is better suited for pharmaceuticals, as it helps increase the availability of the product for Americans. Since then, the industry of food additives has effectively grown thanks to the mutually beneficial for producers and consumers. This phenomenal growth is observed not only in the US, but throughout the world, especially in Europe. What stimulates the food additives industry? Let’s see why food additives are in such popular demand.

Worldwide shift in focus from symptoms – relief for active health

Nutritional supplements meet today’s health problems, which forces them to focus. Currently, the focus is on active health care, not symptom relief. People want to stay healthy. Many people want to take proactive measures to maintain good health. Most people taking dietary supplements consider that nutritional supplements will help them achieve optimal health for longer periods of time.

Issues of life and the environment

Busy lifestyle, lack of good dietary habits, stress of daily life and high levels of pollution can cause stress for the body. To alleviate the pressure of life, many people prefer nutritional help to improve their situation. Nutrients are formulated to help relieve anxiety, antioxidants, to help relieve stress at the cellular level, even sleep. This kind of help is preferable, because it has less harmful side effects, does not cause addiction and gently works with the natural functions of the body.

Educated public

Eighty percent of diseases are related to nutrition. Consumer awareness encourages people to make nutritional supplements their first choice. Nutritional help is available to support heart health, eye health, digestive health and many other health problems. It is also used in proactive health measures to help prevent certain types of health conditions. All these health benefits have been confirmed by scientific research, which gives them more confidence. A wide range of research is available to the public via the Internet – trustworthy sources such as PubMed and Medline, and no doubt such studies have given dietary supplements to dietary supplements.

Inadequacy of traditional methods of treatment

Some traditional methods of treatment did not meet the expectations of consumers. Users report their preference for less harmful treatments if the pharmaceuticals are not absolutely considered necessary.

Freedom to control one’s health

Consumers are happy to use their own health care with food supplements. More people take responsibility for their own health, as can be seen from the increase in the number of food additives available on the market. Using education and discretion, consumers can manage their own self-service mode. Almost 100% of consumers’ satisfaction leads to a growing insatiable consumer demand for additional nutritional supplements!

Promoting research and a variety of products

The demand for more strategic nutritional supplements designed for specific demographics and health problems, forces food additive manufacturers to return to the laboratory for innovative products that can satisfy consumer needs. Research on nutrition and herbs continues to develop, leading to the emergence of more products. Currently, there are special products for adolescents, working women, men and children. Nutritional supplements have become a specialized industry and products that meet specific health needs, in the right packaging, can produce the right impression among consumers. Products for rejuvenation, skin health, cardiovascular diseases, antioxidants, hair care continue to be popular.

Greater recognition among health professionals

There is a wider recognition of dietary supplements among the medical profession. More doctors recommend nutritional supplements to their patients, and many of them have begun to approve foods they believe in. More products are developed in cooperation with experts on specific conditions and researchers in the field of nutrition, and some of them are formulated by well-known doctors. Famous athletes and celebrities favor food, and this has also added to the suitability and reliability of the product for nutrition. The food additive industry will continue to grow, as research breakthroughs, new production technologies and innovative products increasingly respond to the health needs of today’s consumers,